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Isaac Bashevis Singer, the famous Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize winner wrote with a 'harem' of dozens of translators behind him. Beyond simple translation, these women were a vital source of his creativity. The inspiration he drew from them came in many forms, often mixing romance with professional aspirations. Today nine remain to tell his story. Intimate, poignant interviews and exclusive archival footage combine to portray the unknown story of an author who charmed and enchanted his audiences, just like he charmed and enchanted his translators.


Directors:   Shaul Betser, Asaf Galay 

Producers:  Shaul Betser, Keren Michael, Asaf Galay 

Sales Agent:  Philippa Kowarsky - Cinephil 

Editor:  Tal Rabiner 

Photographer:  Itai Neeman 

Music:  Jonathan Bar-Giora 

Online Editor:  Yoav Raz 

Graphic Design:  Ayala Sharot 

Sound Editor and Mix:  Ronen Nagel 

Production Manger:  Hila Bashan 

Head Researcher:  Netta Hemo

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